Frequently Asked Questions

  • Sealed In Box: Brand new in the box, with the factory seal still intact.
  • Flawless: The device looks brand new, there is not one single mark or sign of wear anywhere on the phone. The device works perfectly.
  • Good: The device is in good condition, with light wear from normal use. The device works perfectly.
  • Fair: The device is in working condition but has heavier wear, such as dents and dings on the frame of the device. The device works perfectly.
  • Cracked: The device has cracked glass. Everything still works perfectly, but the front glass is cracked.
  • Broken: The device has issues other than cracked glass.
Yes! We gladly accept your devices even if you don't have everything that it came with. All you need to send is the device in the condition you select in order to receive the maximum price quoted for your trade-in. Non-essential accessories will not increase the trade-in value (i.e charger, earbuds, manuals, etc...).
Every device that comes in is wiped clean of all information, whether you've already done it or not. Please see our privacy policy for more information on our data security policy.
We buy any number of phones, from 1 to 1,000!
There may be a few devices out there that aren't in our database. However, we're always updating the website with new products and categories. If you don't see your item, use this Contact Form to let us know. We'll research it and let you know if we can make you an offer.
Our technology utilizes market data from a variety of sources to determine the true market value of your item.
If a discrepancy comes up during the inspection process, we'll email you with our new offer and the reason behind the changes. You can accept the offer or ask that we return the item.
If you disagree with our revised offer, you can decline our new offer and opt for the device to be returned. If you do not decline our new offer within seven days, we will accept the device and issue your payment for the new value.
We can pay you via Paypal, Venmo, or we can mail a check to you. You designate which method of payment you prefer as part of the checkout process.
Your payment will be sent out on the same day that we receive your device(s). We will notify you once we've inspected your device and payment is on the way. For PayPal and Venmo payments, you should receive the payment within minutes. For payment via check, please allow 3-7 days after you receive the confirmation email for your check to arrive in the mail.
We can buy any item of value regardless of its location, however you are responsible for any additional shipping charges and customs fees that may arise. Please contact us for additional information.
We believe that reuse is the highest form of sustainability. That's why we promote reuse first and recycling as a last resort. We aim to get used devices back into the market for reuse – primarily to people who cannot afford to buy new devices.
If you can not find your device on the site, please Contact Us, and we will research the device and get back to you with an offer.
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